Design Disciplines and Approaches

  •     Applied arts
  •     Architecture
  •     Communication design
  •     Engineering design
  •     Fashion design
  •     Game design
  •     Graphic design
  •     Information Architecture
  •     Industrial design
  •     Instructional design
  •     Interaction design
  •     Interior design
  •     Landscape architecture
  •     Lighting design
  •     Military Design Methodology[26]
  •     Product design
  •     Process design
  •     Service design
  •     Software design
  •     Web design
  •     Urban design
  •     Visual design

Some popular approaches include:

  •     KISS principle, (Keep it Simple Stupid), which strives to eliminate unnecessary complications.
  •     There is more than one way to do it (TIMTOWTDI), a philosophy to allow multiple methods of doing the same thing.
  •     Use-centered design, which focuses on the goals and tasks associated with the use of the artifact, rather than focusing on the end user.
  •     User-centered design, which focuses on the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user of the designed artifact.
  •     Critical design uses designed artifacts as an embodied critique or commentary on existing values, morals, and practices in a culture.
  •     Service design designing or organizing the experience around a product, the service associated with a product's use.
  •     Transgenerational design, the practice of making products and environments compatible with those physical and sensory impairments associated with human aging and which limit major activities of daily living.
  •     Speculative design, the speculative design process doesn’t necessarily define a specific problem to solve, but establishes a provocative starting point from which a design process emerges. The result is an evolution of fluctuating iteration and reflection using designed objects to provoke questions and stimulate discussion in academic and research settings


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