The Web Designer Experience: Uninvited design # 1 Imphal Free Press

Uninvited Design will cover a series of design renovation for sites that I would love to undress. Ewww. It is an amateurish attempt to make good design more prominent, while learning more about the tools and tricks of the trade. An amateurish attempt, because I do not even know how to use the pen tool properly on Photoshop. I believe only in recreating new things, in the most leisurely way—as in cutting an image into one hundred parts and joining them, but not before adding a grunge layer in between and adjusting its hue and saturation—and things like that.

The professionals web designers and developers must have put extra effort to make the sites look appealing as much as they would have done to enhance the functional qualities. I would not demean them or their work. It is just a perspective of certain flaws on particular sites and a way in which I would like to alter them.

I am an ardent believer of minimalism but I stick lack that touch to make a work look beautiful with less. Perhaps, I should start with my favourite things, just like having only very small pegs of whisky, instead of pouring a quarter at one go.

In a very apolitical term, I would quote RB Fuller, who considers, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

You might want to read the vile design attack!
A Design Review of Newspapers' Websites Based in Imphal 

Uninvited design # 1 Imphal Free Press
 Uninvited design # 1 Imphal Free Press


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